Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm Back, Gypsies!!!!

A few drinks, a long walk home, and a familiar button that says 'sign in' that I haven't pressed in just shy of two months. What does that mean? You guessed right, bitches, I'M BACK IN BUSINESS. And to think that I was about to fall asleep... fuck no! Even though my jammies are on (Thong and Def Leppard T-Shirt)... fuck no! Even though it's been 10 weeks... fuck no! I'm back with a vengeance (although the only things it seems I want to post are the words 'fuck no' between parentheses). Let's review our major bases before we jump into this shit: Parkham Horem's quite likely the devil incarnate, the gypsies are spreading in number and need to be controlled (spay and neuter your gypsies), and the dance commander is moi. Awesome review, prof, can we get into some shit now? DON'T QUESTION THE DANCE COMMANDER, WE'RE ABOUT TO GET INTO SOME HEAVY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

I have nothing to discuss...