Sunday, February 7, 2010

Paris, Je Live Here

I guess it's about time I got down to brass taxes like I'm Zacchaeus and there's a lot of brass around (See Luke 19:1-10 if you're ignorant and don't yet fear the rapture like you properly should- it's coming, y'all). So this is the city I live in right now. It's called Paris and it's awesome. We have a grocery store, a few traffic circles, and best of all, a 19th century Victorian Era iron tower that was supposed to be torn down some 20 years after it was erected (like my boners! [hilarious]) but instead has become a national icon for us Parisians. Haha, how cool is it that I can say I'm Parisian now that I live here!! It's just like in the states when I claim that I'm active military so that I can get a 15% discount at Six Flags!! Fucking Awesome! My favorite ride is definitely the Batwing, but we don't have one of those here in Paris. Today we saw some really old buildings that were totally retro-chic; the exposed framework of these houses totally made me think of how skinny Madonna was in the 80s. France has a lot of other cool stuff, too. We have a crazy man who lives here and throws crazy parties named Sarkozy (file photo shown below).
He's kind of like our president but short and gross and not like our president. Well, I'm glad to finally be getting into the swing of this blogging thing, the competition between me, Stephmaster Flex, Nataho Berkmenistan, and Loba Pleez is getting to be intense, so expect shrill vituperation n' shit from yours truly. *GypsySignOff*

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